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Utility Billing

Lexington provides sewer and water to its residents.  Sewer and water bills are mailed to residents and businesses quarterly.  Our customers are given approximately 30 days to pay their bills before a late penalty of 10% is assessed.  For your convenience, there is an after hours payment drop box located at Lexington City Hall.


Utility Billing Months (Bills go out the 1st or 2nd Week)


January - Payment Due February 15th (4th Quarter of Previous year charges)

April - Payment Due May 15th (1st Quarter Charges)

July - Payment Due August 15th (2nd Quarter Charges)

October - Payment Due November 15th (3rd Quarter Charges)


Prior to moving, please call us at 763-784-2792.  New residents should call us to give their contact information.

Lexington's Water Tower located at 9100 Hamline Avenue

Pay Your Utility Bill Online
Now you can pay your City of Lexington utility bill from the comfort of your home or office by using our online payment service.

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Contact Us
Lexington City Hall
9180 Lexington Avenue
Lexington, MN  55014
Ph:  763-784-2792
Fax:  763-785-8951

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1. The following residential rates will be applied  for quarterly water service (base plus usage)

   0-15,000 gal  15,001-30,000 gal  30,001-40,000 gal  40,0001+ gal
 Base  $18.52  $18.52  $18.52  $18.52
 Usage  $3.01  $3.72  $4.97  $6.89

2.The following commercial rates will be applied for quarterly water service (base plus usage)

   0-15,000 gal  15,001-30,000 gal  30,001-40,000 gal  40,0001+ gal
 Base  $18.52  $18.52  $18.52  $18.52
 Usage  $3.01  $3.72  $4.97  $6.89
 Base per quarter  $13.67
 Per 1000 gal water per quarter  $3.88
 Senior per quarter  $37.68
 Sewer only (unmetered water)  $62.57

Storm sewer (Equivalent Residential Unit)

 Residential per quarter  $20.81
 Commercial per quarter  $20.81

MN Water Test Fee

  Per Quarter                          $2.43                                 

Other Fees

Purchase of water meter City Cost + 10% Administrative Fees
Delinquent Bills - Penalty 10% of Unpaid Bills
Certified Bills 15% of Unpaid Bills


Connection to Sewer System
  New Residential $1,500 per Residential Equivalent Unit
  New Commercial $1,600
Sewer Disconnect/Reconnect 
Residential $100.00
Commercial $150.00
Sewer Line Break $100.00
Connection to Water System
  New Residential $1,800.00 per Residential Equivalent Unit
  New Commercial $1,900.00
Water Disconnect/Reconnect Get the Application HERE
  Residential $100.00
  Commercial $150.00 
Water Disconnect/Reconnect Non-Payment
  Residential $150.00
  Commercial $200.00
Water Line Break $100.00
SAC Charge $2,485.00 (Per Unit Determined by the Met Council)
Fire Hydrant Water Meter
  Deposit $1,000.00
  Rental $25.00/mo + Usage at Commercial Rates



Annual Drinking Water Reports

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