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About Lexington:
Our History

Archaeological investigations show that Dakota or Ojibwa tribes were the first inhabitants to make camps along local area lakes and Rice Creek because of the abundant fishing and ricing resources.  In 1862, Phillip Laddy became the first recorded white settler in what later became known as Blaine Township.  Laddy settled near the lake that still carries his name (often called Laddie Lake today) near Highway 65 and Anoka County 10.  In 1877, "Blaine" was selected as the name for the township that contained what is now the cities of Lexington, Circle Pines, and Blaine. The actual settlement of Blaine Township lagged for many years because of the wet conditions and poor soil.  The population of Blaine Township was 128 in 1880, 205 in 1890, and 374 in 1900. 

On May 5, 1950, an election of settlers was held to incorporate what is now known as Lexington.  The incorporation proposal passed 93-61, and Lexington was incorporated as a village on May 21, 1950, with a population of 569.  The first mayor was Cyrus Palmquist.  Leo Ryan, who had moved to the area in 1946, was instrumental in organizing a petition for the new village.  Ryan suggested the name "Lexington" for the new village.  The area had been generally known as Lexington Park, because Lexington Avenue was the eastern boundary.  In addition, Ryan suggested the name in honor of his old Army unit.  The "First Pioneer Infantry Regiment" of Boston had formed at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.  That unit met the British in the Battle of Lexington.

Various city themes and names now revolve around the Revolutionary War and Battle of Lexington, including Paul Revere Mobile Home Park, Minutemen Lane, Patriot Lane, Liberty Lane, and the city's minuteman logo.  In 1950, Lexington became a city.  As of the 2000 census, our population is 2,214.
Historical Society
Visit the Anoka County Historical Society's website for more history on our area.
August 28, 1954 The Lexington Reporter
April 14, 1955 The Suburban Reporter

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