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  • Sept. 25,1954

Our History

The Lexington area, with wild grass and brush, was prone to grass fires.  Residents, often the women since the men were away at work, would fight grass fires with shovels, brooms, gunny sacks, and rakes.  One spring day in 1948, a woman named Veda Walker was trapped in a grass fire in Lino Lakes, and her hair and clothes were singed.  After that incident, Lexington residents made serious efforts at establishing a fire department.  In fact, the need for a fire department was an impetus for formation of a village government.

The Lexington Fire Department was formally organized on November 11, 1950.  The first truck was a 1946 Ford, purchased in 1950 from a garage in Princeton.  The fire department then held a dance and other fundraisers to buy an old tank truck.  The Lexington Fire Hall was built in the spring of 1951, with proceeds from a bond of $14,000.  The first Lexington Fire Chief was Ray Chapman.  Charter members of the Lexington Fire Department include:  Ken Booth, Bert Bruneau, Ted Chapman, Julius "Doc" Frutz, John Gulbandson, Ralph Hathaway, DeWayne Lee, Carl Olson, Frank Towberman, William Walker, and Claude Whiteoak.

In February of 1952, Circle Pines requested a meeting with Lexington to arrange for joint fire protection.  Lexington was not interested, since some council members felt their fire department was already assisting Circle Pines too much.  In 1957, the Lexington Municipal Building opened, featuring a rejuvenated fire station, council chambers, and the bar and lounge.  In 1958, the department bought a stripped-down jeep and built a tank and other equipment.  New vehicles included a chassis bought from a creamery to replace the tanker in 1962; a donated Dodge route van in 1963; and a new truck purchased in 1966.

In 1973, the new Lexington Fire Hall was completed, and the old station was taken over by village maintenance staff.  The "Snoopy" firefighter cartoon on the wall of the station has been a landmark for many years.

In 1992, the Lexington Fire Department bought its first new truck since the early 1970's.  The new truck nearly doubled the previous truck's capabilities with its 1,250 gallon-per-minute pump.  In 1996, the Lexington Fire Department began offering first aid and rescue services, adding an ambulance to the department's fleet.  Medical calls now dominate with more than 65% of their calls for medical or rescue services.  In 1999, the department received 148 calls.

The Lexington Fire Department's Relief Association operates a legal "pull tab" booth at Cowboys Saloon (previously the Firehouse Lounge).  This has returned over $800,000 to the community and has paid for all major equipment purchases in recent years – thus saving tax dollars.

Past Fire Chiefs
Ray Chapman
John Martin
Harold Goertz
Benjy Munson
Keith Colbenson
Mike Ackerman
Kip Sandoz
Paul Pechan

Gary Grote

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