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Lexington Fire Department
Serving the Lexington area for more than 50 years!
The desire of the Lexington Fire Department is to provide the Citizens of Lexington and the surrounding community with the professional emergency response that they deserve.  The Lexington Fire Department is dedicated to community relations and providing a safer community through fire prevention programs and other sponsored events.  As first responders to fires, medical emergencies, and public safety emergencies, it is the goal of the Lexington Fire Department to keep citizens safe and provide property protection and preservation at emergency incidents.
Lexington Fire Station

Lexington Fire Department

The Lexington Fire Department was established in 1954. At that time there were 18 members and 2 apparatus for fighting fires.  Currently, the department continues to employ 18 dedicated individuals that live or work in Lexington or the surrounding community.  The department also houses five (5) pieces of apparatus for fighting fires.

The Lexington Fire Department also provides charitable gambling at Cowboys Saloon located in the City.  The proceeds go towards the purchase of new/used equipment and/or new/used apparatus for the department.  The Lexington Fire Department would like to thank all citizens that participate in charitable gambling. Without your generosity, our equipment and apparatus costs would fall on the community in the way of taxation.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Lexington Fire Department is to provide the highest quality emergency services for the preservation of life and property for the citizens of our community.  For our members to be confident and proficient in their duties through education and training to established standards, utilizing the latest equipment and techniques, as we strive to provide for our members a sense of duty to the community and pride in our department.

Contact Us
9055 South Highway Drive
Lexington, MN  55014

Ph:  763-784-1604
Fax:  763-785-8951



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