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Community Announcements
Snowmobile Operation in Lexington

Snow, Snow, Snow! and with it comes shoveling, plowing and snowmobiling.  The City of Lexington has some rules that you need to follow for riding your snowmobiles around town. 


You are not allowed to operate any snowmobile in the city limits except on the roadways not exceeding 10 miles per hour. You must follow the same rules as a car.

You can also operate on the outside slope of trunk, county-state aid and county highways with in the city limits.



Snowmobiles are not allowed to operate in the following areas:

      Public sidewalks or pedestrian trails

      Boulevards within any public right of way

      Private property unless you have permission from the property owner

      School grounds , Public Property, Playgrounds, City property



To see the full ordinance please go to the Traffic Regulations portion of the City Code Book.

Have fun and stay safe this winter!

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