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Community Announcements
Centennial Lakes Police Department Message to Residents

The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme challenge for us all!  We also recognize that this is when people need us the most. Our mission doesn’t change, if anything it becomes even more important.  Our officers are committed to serving and protecting our three Cities as they know this challenge is also an opportunity to demonstrate once again our core values of “Serving with Courage and Compassion”.    

Our primary concern is the safety and health of our community members, which includes our officers, first responders, and our underappreciated and heroic health care workers and EMS medics.  Our officers and civilian staff members have families also; they are husbands, wives, parents, and children to others.  An officer’s family is accustomed to being concerned about the safety of their loved one every time they leave to go to work, but this is different. They all know that our officers must continue to go into homes and places that others don’t, respond to medical and emergency calls, and even have to physically take people into custody who may be combative or ill.  They are all very aware that this profession is no longer just a threat to their family member who is a police officer, but can be dangerous for them also.  Please keep all of our responders and health care workers and their families in your thoughts and prayers!     

I want to assure you that we have made many changes in the last several weeks to protect our officers and our community members.  We have been working very closely with the City Administrators and Mayors of our three Cities and we all have been making changes literally every day as this situation evolves.  Some of the changes you may or may not notice include:

  • An emergency work schedule has been put in place that will separate much of our work force and guarantee that we have continuity of operations and can continue to provide the same service that we always have.
  • We are establishing mutual-aid arrangements with neighboring law enforcement agencies.
  • Our officers will continue to respond to any call, but if a call can be handled over the phone, we will encourage people to allow us to do that. This limits the potential for spreading the virus to you or to an officer.
  • Our inner lobby has been closed to the public.We will screen those who come for service. When you arrive at the station there is a phone in the vestibule (outer lobby) that you can pick up and call to speak with a staff member or a dispatcher in case of an emergency. We will allow those into the inner lobby when it is necessary.
  • We ask that you minimize routine lobby related requests until further notice.
  • Staff has been provided with individual personal protective gear and the CDC guidelines on when to use them.If you see an officer wearing them it is because they are on a call and following safety protocols, there is NO reason to be alarmed.
  • We are continuing to provide the same level of patrol to our three Cities and to take law enforcement action wherever and whenever necessary.

We do not know how long this will last, this is all very fluid and we are doing our best to be flexible and to keep everyone updated. 

The Centennial Lakes Police would like to thank you for the support you have shown and how you are caring for each other.  These challenges always bring out the best in people, we are seeing that again across the country, and especially in our Centennial Lakes area community. 

Please continue to care for and check in on each other, and live up to the reputation that the Cities of Centerville, Circle Pines, and Lexington are places full of caring and supportive people.

Please take care and stay healthy!

CLPD Chief Jim Coan



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